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Starter Packs Glasgow is teaming up with 

My Favourite Voucher Codes


Starter Packs Glasgow has teamed up with My Favourite Voucher Codes throughout the month of December.

An online voucher code provider, My Favourite Voucher Codes provides online discounts for people to save money at retailers across the UK.

Each month the provider runs a charity poll on their website consisting of three different charities - this month, they have chosen Starter Packs Glasgow as one of those charities.

At the end of the month the charity with the most votes receives 20% of the profits for the month as a donation.

You can help Starter Packs by voting for us and helping us to turn win the donation at the end of the month. Any money we receive will help us to continue to alleviate poverty and help people sustain their  tenancies across Greater Glasgow with any funds going towards buying the pack items we need to purchase as new (quilts, pots, pans, cleaning products and toiletries always have to be new, and we often need to top up donations of used items to ensure we have enough to cope with the demand for packs).

To cast your vote in the poll you don’t need to register or use a voucher; simply go to the My Favourite Voucher Codes homepage. The charity poll can be found on the right hand side of the page.

To play your part in securing the donation for Starter Packs Glasgow, please follow this link and cast your vote before the end of the month. Thank you.


It is free to vote and you don’t need to use any vouchers but any vouchers used contribute to the amount donated.


Starter Packs HQ

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The heart of the organisation. Donations are received here, before being sorted and either placed into Starter Packs or sent to the shops to raise money for the project. The packs are made here before being delivered to those referred.

Magpie's Eye

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The larger of the two stores which stocks a range of vintage and retro items, ranging from vintage furniture and clothes to LP’s, CDs, DVDs and a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. As well as stocking a range of hand made jewellery, craft items, hand knits, paintings and photography by our local crafters and artists.

Magpie's Nest

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Our original store. Smaller and cosier than the Eye. Here you can find a wide variety of treasures ranging from all manner of clothes to vintage crockery and tea sets, books, bric a brac and everything in between.